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No, your eyes aren't kidding you, its really called an Art Fart blog.
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I was ink tagged splashed by artofdoom (and another friend) to take on the [spilled ink challenge], therefore I’ll accept it.. (GRUDGINGLY BECAUSE I DON’T WANNA DO 100 CALLIGRAPHIES)




[spilled ink challenge] is aiming for more people to know artists, be it illustration, comic, animation… doesn’t matter the field


draw a picture that’s related to “being splashed by ink” (still picture, gif or animation are all fine), then tag 3 people to challenge this. The challenged has to reply within 24 hours, otherwise they are punished of 100 piece of calligraphy practice, including paper for it, quite troublesome.

Muha’s challenge
Chibi’s challenge

▲when the challenged accept the challenge, you have to include challenger’s picture link

And now i decide to challenge:

Deborah Christie Tan
Ng Wei Li
Lim Mei Yee

▲good luck to these 3 tagged ones

I coloured the sketch after all! And I tried out a new art style at the same time. I like the results :D

random sketches of my OC as well as several other friend’s characters together in a modern AU. Its more fun that I’d have thought. 

once upon a time (during highschool) I was a maths nerd and Sho Minamimoto was my favourite character

c’mon Peter he told you his reflexes were fast

rough sketch of Rocket and Baby Groot. Will do some simple colouring soon.

i bought a Jolteon plushie at the recent convention. I lost him immediately after the end of the second day. Kinda depressing, but I hope he’s happy and with a new person who will love him now. 

I’ll get over it someday (maybe), I just need to get it out of my system with a quick doodle. TT

Cardcaptor Sakura! Art trade with the senpai cendawankulat !


//hides face behind hands//

thank you for featuring my dancing baby groot ;_;

So I watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Everyone, including me, fell in love with Baby Dancing Groot.

To be sold as mini print at Animangaki!

a quick basic guide to frequently used Zee emotes. Part 1, probably.

As a chinese person with Malay cousins, I get invited for Raya open houses every year. I appreciate Auntie Sue for her delicious food ehehehe. Also I’ve been craving rendang for 3 weeks wtf

Selamat Hari Raya!

Dragons! Because I love dragons. Also to be made into stickers! 

How To Train Your Dragon 2 stickers will be available at next month’s Animangaki @ Sunway Pyramid! :) These shall be accompanied by dragons, because dragons.

I have a mad fascination for ragdoll kitties ever since someone in the neighbourhood had some, but sadly I don’t see them roaming about anymore. They’re very pretty, though, and loves petting.